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" im not like other girls, i’m more like one of the guys "…Bitch please !! , 

i saw this episode of family guy and this particular clip made me laugh so hard, because lets be honest, we all know girls who are like this! not to say there aren’t girls who are generally cool and into things that generally guys are into…sports, video game etc, but a large majority just play the part and go overboard…because they think it sets them apart from the rest of their gender, or generally because they think this is what guys like. This just so happens to be a pet peeve of mine… them fucking girls who constantly find a way to let you know how much like a guy she is…..image

if you truly are one of the guys, there is no need to say it 24/7! furthermore, most guys say they want a girl that’s like one of the “mandem” but in we fucking don’t…i don’t want a girl..who reminds me of my nigga tyrone..that sounds like some real gay shit to me! i don’t know about you guys, and i don’t claim to speak on the behalf of my gender..but i tend to like girls…who ..u know, tend to be girls…although saying that.. i could do without all that extra emotions …..



Woow it has been, i think 2 years since i have used tumblr, to the point it took me a long while to remember my login details! :S anyways i felt like writing some shit down, mainly about my very unwanted decent into adulthood! like this epiphany just occured to me recently, putting my childish behaviour to the side, i am actually a fully pledge adult….and that’s a fucking scary thought! i don’t know how it happened, or when..but it magically came about, all of a sudden i immediately started despising the postman!…as a kid, for some reason we always wanted mail addressed to us, maybe for a sense of self importance or to feel grown up, i don’t know…we were all stupid as kids..all i know is i’ve grown to realise nothing good comes from mail personally addressed to you! every time i hear my letterbox flutter, i swear to god my heart skips a beat! i mean lets be real in this day an age, you know damn well no one has sent you a nice hand written letter, nope..mmm mmm ! it is nothing but a bunch of motherfucker who you owe money to and their many threats of fucking up your life financially if they don’t receive their money in said amount days. These days i open my mail like it might be anthrax, Shiiiiiiit, i’d probably prefer anthrax than a bill !

moving on …i don’t want to spend the whole post complaining about the postman, because that’snot what this is about, this is about the middle part of life between where you are a carefree adolescent and a carefree pensioner waiting for the sweet sweet release of death…the part of life where you have to work, grind and hustle like a dog for a better future! generally speaking, the part of life that sucks ! as a kid i always figured by this point in my life i would have it all figured out, but to be honest, over the years of searching for an answer it seems like i have just collected more questions. i have never been one to follow the norms of society, i guess maybe if i did i’d be in a better financial position today, but probably be on tumblr complaining about "fuck my job" or "i’m about to shoot down everybody in this office!!" so on and so forth ! one thing i do know… and i guess the dream that everyone has..make as much money as you can quickly, and retire from this rat race young, so you can get back to enjoying life, because isn’t that the point, to enjoy the temporary time we have on this earth…yolo and what now ! soo yeahh, i’m at the point where i’m just rambling on and on.. so i’ll leave you with this  FUCK THE POSTMAN, FUCK ADULTHOOD, FUCK THE SOCIAL NORM, and if i made a lot of spelling mistakes and typos because i haven’t double checked what i wrote..then FUCK GRAMMAR TOO !!


SOOOO yeah i pretty much have neglected tumblr for a long while ! but today i was struck with this sudden urge to come back to it…got a lot of shit to talk about..and like before Twitter just didn’t quite suffice !! any ways for now this is just a quick post to proclaim my glorious return * you may applaud * !! :)


WOOW ! so yeah i haven’t been on this thing for a long while, i guess at some point i just ran out of things to say! n this is pretty much what this post is about....LACK OF INSPIRATION ! even now i really have nothing to talk about, seems like i lost all inspiration in my everyday life! Feels like i’m just living day to day with no real purpose, and usually, right about now i would have a punchline or some cool shit to say to lighten the mood! but not today…SHIT IS REAL SON ! FUCK...feels like i’m stuck in this one place, n i really haven’t got a clue where to go from here ! or maybe, perhaps i just feel comfortable where i am and don’t really feel like venturing into the dark unknown (yeah that’s right, getting deep out here haha)! i guess i just need to find my motive for living right now! cos this shit is getting dull ! so yeah that’s pretty much all i have to say….I’ll let y’all know when or IF i find this inspiration ! 


sooo…i haven’t really posted anything in a long while, mainly because i’ve had nothing to say, my life pretty much took a dull turn at some point…and i really did not want to manafacture things just so i have something to say or put up on tumblr! truth is i still really have nothing to say ! i do however have something to share, hence the video posted ! now im not the most confident at freestyle, never really been, but i am working on it :)! anyways people check it…and i hope you enjoy!


"…great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion"

- Martha Graham (via andrebright)
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I love life :-D….


After reading my blog a friend of mine sent me this song as she felt it was fitting to the topic…and i agree…drake says it all so havent a listen people !

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Haha! I think I’ve exhausted alot if energy on the lasts posts but I’ll give this one ago, but it will be short and on the surface.

I’m not sure how well relationships or quasi relationships fit with my plans. They can often bring out such bad in people and sometimes I wonder if I’m in the place…

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sometimes i question why i decided to do a postgraduate course, because it definately wasnt to further educate myself, nor was it to advance my career ! to level with you guys, i decided on a masters purely to have an extra year as a student…like asher roth said # i LOVE college # ! however now that the year is drawing to an end…i just feel STUPID! because now im left with an empty bank account, a fucking large work load all to achieve a degree that i do not give a fuck up…a degree that i doubt i will even see or use after graduation ! so looong story short F ( FUCK ) M (MY) L ( LIFE ) !!